Four Express Routes to BART – JX, JPX, JR, JL

Carpool Access • Signal Priority • Limited Stops

Express Commuter Service to El Cerrito Del Norte BART

Everyone knows the carpool lane makes commuting faster. But not everyone has a carpool buddy. Until now. Welcome to WestCAT Express Routes JX, JPX, JR, & JL. The answer to I-80 traffic. With carpool lane access and traffic signal priority, WestCAT’s Express Routes get you where you need to be faster than driving alone.

Designed with busy commuters in mind, WestCAT Express Routes provide frequent service between Hercules, Pinole and El Cerrito Del Norte BART. With service from 4:44 Midnight, there’s a WestCAT Express bus to meet every schedule.*

Click for JPX Schedule

Click for JX Schedule

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*JX & JPX Operate Mon-Fri

* J (JR & JL) Operate Seven Days a Week (Different schedules Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun. See schedule for details)

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English: (800) 735-2922,
Spanish: (800) 855-3000;

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