If you need to use more than one bus to get to your destination, ask the driver for a transfer when you first board the bus. WestCAT transfers will be honored only on the day of issue at established transfer points within 90 minutes of their time of issue. They will not be accepted on any line that will return the passenger to the area in which the transfer was originally issued, nor to re-board the same route.

All Transfers from County Connection and Tri-Delta Transit at shared stops in Martinez are free with a valid transfer. WestCAT will not issue another transfer upon receiving a transfer from one of these two agencies in Martinez.

Transfers from Capital Corridor trains to WestCAT are free anywhere within WestCAT’s service area with validated transfer (exception Lynx to/from SF, and Paratransit/ Dial-a-Ride). Passenger must relinquish transfer to driver upon boarding. See Capitol Corridor’s Transit Transfer Page for more information.

If you are using Clipper, Clipper automatically grants free or discounted transfers when transferring to another agency that accepts Clipper. Transfers are good for 120 minutes after boarding a bus. If you tag your second bus within the appropriate time frame, you will be granted your transfer. If you tag after that period, Clipper will deduct additional fare from your card.

WestCAT Transfer Policy

  • Passengers may request a transfer at the time of boarding.
  • Valid for up to one hour to board another route to complete one-way trip.
  • Accepted only at established transfer points
  • Not valid to reboard the same route after a stopover (to run an errand, get groceries, etc).
  • Not valid to return to original boarding location (no round trip).
  • Valid for up to one hour to board another route to complete one-way trip.
  • Void if improperly used. Transfers will not be accepted if rolled, mutilated, torn or information is not readable.
  • May not be shared with another passenger.
  • No transfers to the BART system.
  • AC Transit monthly passes on Clipper are valid transfer media at shared stops only, with payment of transfer fare.
  • Other Operators (ex. AC Transit, Soltrans, etc.) employee and dependent passes are not accepted on any of WestCAT’s routes, with the exception of BART employees and dependents.

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